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Unnur Freyja Víðisdóttir



Daughter of Víðir.  Unnur is the nicest bad ass you will ever meet – you’ll find her doing intensive training for the rescue squad along with her university studies and at the same time volunteering in her community and practicing all sorts of exotic sports. She is truly a young woman who knows what she wants and where she comes from.

Guðmundur Ingi Þorvaldsson



Guðmundur or “Gummi” has been on the team since the beginning and is now a part-time guide. Gummi has an MA in stage arts from the Goldsmith, University of London and an MBA from the University of Reykjavík. Gummi was previously the managing director of „Tjarnarbíó”, which is a living center for arts, and was recently hired as a lector of acting at the Icelandic University of the Arts. Gummi has acted in a number of stage plays, movies, and tv shows and has significant experience as a director.