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Katrín Kjartansdóttir



Katrín, daughter of Kjartan, is one of our tail guides. She grew up traveling around Iceland and being in the mountains and loves it. Her favorite part about working inside the volcano are the funniest and most amazing colleagues!




Snæfríður, or Snow-beauty as she likes to be called, has been working on and off in the volcano since 2015. Currently she is taking her masters degree in theater directing and when she is not guiding she makes music videos, creamy pasta, rat costumes or knits hats.




Sometimes called an adrenaline junkie, Ísabella craves adventure and is a part of the Icelandic Rescue Team. Whether it be by foot, bike or skis, her favorite thing to do is explore nature and push her limits. She has been teaching yoga for a few years as well as being a ski instructor during the winter and teaching kids mountain biking in the summer.




With Margrét, you will get the full fire and ice experience. She has been a part of the volcano team since 2019 and also been a professional figure skater doing some tricks while cruising the Caribbean’s. During the summertime you will find her lost in the mountains, but in the dark winter, she escapes to Denmark for her medical studies.




Ragnar is a cheerful and happy young man who has three children and loves being with them.He is a theater maker, writer and actor. Ragnar also loves the volcano and has been working there for a few years now, but one thing he really loves is candy. When he goes abroad he always brings Icelandic candy with him, and eats it at his hotel room late at night before falling asleep. Sometimes he wakes up in the middle of the night and brushes his teeth

Don’t think about it, JUST GO



Put this at the top of your list of amazing, one-of-a-kind experiences than you can only do in the extraordinary country of Iceland! You’ll start off with a 45 minute hike across a stunning lava field before arriving at the base camp near the volcano. After relaxing at base camp and getting the intro, you’ll soon find yourself on a small elevator making the descent into the dormant volcano. Seriously, this is a can’t miss, once-in-a-lifetime kind of adventure. Also included in the trip are commemorative scarves, delicious soup and your team of warm, professional and highly knowledgable guides. Arguably worth a … Continue reading