Inside the Volcano

Customer Reviews

"Standing inside a volcano is a strangely emotional experience."

- The Guardian

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“Absolutely Beautiful Experience”

-Tripadvisor review

It was so wonderful, even though we seemed to have gone during the rainy season. Luckily they were prepared and provided everyone with great rain coats (we actually bought a 66 North coat later in our trip because we loved them so much). The experience was like none other and it was gorgeous inside the volcano. Highlight recommended for anyone.

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“One of the best lifetime experiences from a very seasoned traveler”

-Trip advisor review

I have been to about 80 countries and this experience is one of the best and memorable yet. Where else can u decent through a volcano into a huge magma chamber? Once inside, you surprisingly see rainbow like colors and and the size of the chamber is surprising. I was told there are only 550 people approved for this test run to determine if it will be a full fledged tourist attraction which if they get govt approval will properly be visited by a tunnel through the side versus an elevator the crater. The walk is about 40 minutes and it is not that difficult. The difficult walk is once within the chamber as the rocks are large (but u don't have to walk at all once down). Supposedly there are very few volcanos in the world that have a hollow center so this opportunity is made even more unique and rare. There may only be a few weeks left. Spend the cash for this one as the opportunity may not be available again forever.

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„The world feels a little more remarkable having seen the inside of its machinery.“

- Financial Times

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"It's unlike anything else on this planet"

- Square Mile Magazine

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