People are also welcome to drive themselves to the meeting point. It takes about half an hour on paved road to drive into the mountains.

Meeting Point


The meeting point is at a ski cabin, located in Bláfjöll (the Blue Mountains). It takes about 30 minutes on paved road to drive there from Reykjavík. The name of the cabin is Breiðabliksskáli. Instructions below.


Please be at the meeting point no later than 30 minutes past the set departure time. That is when the pickup bus will arrive from Reykjavík. For example, if you booked the 08:00 tour, you should be at the meeting point no later than 08:30.

Drive by Google Map

We recommend using Google Maps. You simply type in ‘Inside the Volcano – Meeting Point’. Please make sure that you go to the meeting point, instead of attempting to drive directly to the volcano itself. The GPS coordinates for the meeting point are: N 63.982815, W -21.652749.


From your location in Reykjavík, find your way to road nr. 1, heading east to the south coast. Drive straight for about 15 minutes and then turn right on to road nr. 417 (Bláfjallavegur). From there you won’t have to take another turn until you get to the meeting point. Please do NOT take route 42 that goes via Hafnarfjörður and will take you to road nr. 417 as it’s permanently closed. Make sure you continue straight when road nr. 417 splits. Do NOT turn onto the gravel track.