Inside the Volcano

The Tour

Tour Duration
5-6 hours
With about 35 - 40 minutes inside the volcano
Fitness level needed
No knowledge of hiking or climbing is required
Distance Walked
3 km (*2)
The hike usually takes around 45–50 minutes each way
Age limit
12 years
We can and have made exceptions on the age though


Base camp is located at the base of the volcano. This is where guests are geared up and served some delicious Icelandic meat soup (after completing the hike). Refreshments (water, coffee, tea) are also included in the tour and are served at base camp.

The facilities at base camp are modern, made from three work sheds normally used for construction workers. And, just like everything else on location that’s too heavy for human transport, the sheds were brought in by helicopter.

We’ve done our best to make the place warm and cosy, as it’s essential to be able to provide shelter for visitors when the weather is not in our favour. We offer most of the necessities required for a day in the wilderness, including toilet facilities and even a wireless internet connection.

Base camp is also the only place on earth where you can buy InsideTheVolcano products and souvenirs.

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