Inside the Volcano

The Tour

Tour Duration
5-6 hours
With about 35 - 40 minutes inside the volcano
Fitness level needed
No knowledge of hiking or climbing is required
Distance Walked
3 km (*2)
The hike usually takes around 45–50 minutes each way
Age limit
12 years
We can and have made exceptions on the age though
The Hike

The Hike

The hike from the parking lot meeting point at Blue Mountains Country Park (Bláfjöll) to Thrihnukagigur volcano is an integral part of the tour, not only because of the breathtaking scenery, but also because it’s one of only two options in order to get to the base of the volcano. The other option is to use a helicopter to get there. Helicopter tours are available, subject to availability.

The distance walked is approximately 3 km/2 miles each way and it usually takes about 45-50 minutes for participants to complete the hike (depending on the group). After the descent into the volcano, guests walk back the same way.

The hike is classified as moderate in difficulty, roughly 2 on a scale of 5. Most of the way it is a straight walk with limited elevation. There is a hiking trail for the longest part of the walk, but the surface can be hilly and uneven. The last 10 minutes of the hike are the most challenging, with an elevation of around 100m/350ft.

What you should wear:

  • Good shoes that provide ankle support, preferably hiking shoes.
  • Warm outdoor clothing. Even if the sun is shining in Reykjavik, the weather can be totally different in the highlands. And it’s cold inside a volcano (about 4°C/37°F)!

It’s important for tour guests to realize that the weather is very unpredictable, and you should definitely bring warm, rainproof clothes with you, even if the weather in Reykjavik is nice and the forecast looks good. We highly recommend that you check the weather forecast the day before or the morning of your tour departure.

You don’t need any particular skills or prior hiking experience in order to do the hike, but you need to be in decent shape. If you are suffering from any of the following, then the tour is probably not for you:

  • Problems with ankles, knees or any part of the feet.
  • Problems with the back and/or hips. There is a lot of pressure on the back when walking on such an uneven surface.
  • Obesity or being severely overweight.
  • Any other physical problem that might affect your ability to complete a combined walk of almost two hours within half a day.

One guide minimum is with you at all times and there are a few (short) stops made on the way. We have a strict time schedule to follow and we expect tour guests to follow the walking speed set by the tour guide.

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