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Can I wear photochromic lenses inside the crater?



Photochromic lenses (Lenses that darken on exposure to different types of light) have proven to be very inconsistent inside the volcano. We recommend wearing traditional glasses inside the crater.

Is there a discount if I don’t use the pickup?



The pickup is complimentary, which means the price is the same with or without the pickup.

I can’t do the hike. Is there any other way to get to the volcano?



Yes, it’s possible to get there via helicopter.

How long do I get to spend inside the volcano?



It’s approximately 35–40 minutes. The descent takes about 5-6 minutes, then you spend around 30 minutes on the ground floor of the vault, where you are free to explore as you like. The elevator trip back up then takes another 5–6 minutes.

Is there a weight limit on the tour?



No, there is no official weight limit. But it is very likely that an overweight person will have a hard time walking a total of almost 6 km over a lava field. So, the question is not really about fitting in the elevator, but more about the fitness level needed to complete the hike towards the volcano. You can read more about the hike here.

Are there any hidden hazards or dangers involved in the tour?



The first priority on all tours is the safety of the participants. Extensive safety procedures are followed at every stage of the tour. However, as in all tours that involve any exploration of nature, it isn’t risk-free. Walking over a lava field is not the same as walking on a pavement, there are rocks and holes in the ground. And, as in all underground vaults and caves, there is the risk of falling rocks. This risk is mostly limited to the walls of the magma chamber, so we recommend that people stay inside the allowed exploration area and follow the instructions … Continue reading

How difficult is the walk/hike across the lava field



We consider it to be moderade. On a scale of 1–5 (with 5 being maximum difficulty), it’s level 2. The hiking path only has a limited slope (it is not an uphill walk), but can be hilly and uneven. We highly recommend that you wear good hiking boots and warm clothes. Just remember, a guide will be with you during the walk, leading you via the easiest route over the field. If you have any doubts regarding the hike, you should look into the option of going to the volcano via helicopter.

Is there free parking at the meeting point?



Yes, there is plenty of parking at the meeting point and it’s totally free! The meeting point is at a ski cabin and if you are arriving in your own car we encourage you to wait there for the rest of your group. We have complimentary coffee and tea while you wait. Please don’t start the hike without your guide! You can find everything you need to know about self-driving to the meeting point by following this link.

What’s the difference between this tour and a “traditional” caving expedition?



Well, it’s pretty simple – these are two different things. You are not going into a cave, you are going into a volcano. You should also look at how we get into the vault. The only way into Thrihnukagigur volcano is by descending 120 metres in a cable lift through the top of the crater. In all caving tours, you will walk through an opening on the surface.

How many guides are on location?



The number of guides depends on the season but we rarely have fewer than 7 guides in total. Each group will be assigned with 1-2 private guides. They will walk over the lava field with the group, go into the volcano with the group and be of any assistance needed. Expert mountain guides will be present at the top of the crater, in the cable lift and at the bottom of the magma chamber. Additionally, other guides will be available at the base camp (the cabin next to the volcano). They will make you feel right at home over a … Continue reading