Is there a minimum age limit for the tour?

The age limit is 8 years old. 

It is particularly important that children are well dressed on the tour, so please make sure that they are dressed appropriately for a 40 minutes hike. Especially if the weather is bad (cold/wind/rain). Also, keep in mind that it’s always cold in the crater. So even though it’s warm outside, make sure to bring warm clothes for your child to wear while down in the crater. 

The price is 22,000 ISK for children (8-12 years old). Note that we cannot make a refund if it turns out that your child is not able to finish the hike.

Children that are able to hike 2 times 3.5 kilometers, even in bad weather are welcome to join the tour. If this applies to your child and you have appropriate clothing, then you can go ahead and book your ticket on the booking site.

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