The Tour

Tour Duration
5-6 hours
With about 35 - 40 minutes inside the volcano
Fitness level needed
No knowledge of hiking or climbing is required
Distance Walked
3 km (2 MI)
The hike usually takes around 45–50 minutes each way
Age limit
8 years
We have made exceptions to age limit upon request.

The Tour

The dormant Þríhnúkagígur volcano is a unique natural phenomenon. By setting up the necessary gear and equipment, we’ve created a tour that opens the door to a new world.

To be able to experience this wonder, all you need is the willingness to do a moderate 45–50 minute hike (to get to the crater) and the guts to descend 120 meters/400 feet to the bottom of the crater in an open cable lift. The hike to the volcano is an integral part of the tour, not only because of the breathtaking scenery, but also because it’s one of only two ways of getting to the base of the volcano. The other option is to use a helicopter.


  • Operation dates: From May 10 – October 20

  • Tour departures: Several departures every day. The first tour is at 8:00 and the last tour is in the afternoon.

  • Duration: 5–6 hours including pickup and drop-off (about 40 minutes are spent inside the crater). It takes about 4 hours when people drive themselves to the meeting point.

  • Fitness level needed: Moderate (the level of difficulty is 2 out of 5). No knowledge of hiking or climbing is required. It’s not a steep uphill walk, but the surface is uneven in places. The last 10 minutes of the hike are the more challenging, with an elevation of around 50 m/150 ft. This is NOT a tour for those in limited physical shape.

  • Distance walked: Approximately 3.5 km (2 miles) each way. The walk usually takes around 45–50 minutes (depending on the condition of people in the group). A guide will be with you at all times during the walk.

  • Minimum age limit: 8 years old. Children (8-years-old and older) that are able to hike 2 times 3.5 kilometers, even in bad weather, are welcome to join the tour. It is essential that they are dressed appropriately for the tour. The price for children that are 8-12 is 23,500 ISK. Note that we cannot make a refund if it turns out that your child is not able to finish the hike.

  • Price: ISK 47,000 for adults and 23,500 ISK for children (8-12 years old).


  • Pick-up at your hotel in Reykjavík.

  • All safety gear, helmets, harnesses, etc.

  • Small groups, plenty of guides = personal experience.

  • Volcano tour of a lifetime.

  • Traditional Icelandic meat soup, coffee/tea and perhaps some sweets as well. We also serve vegetarian soup.

  • Free Cancelations (min 24-hour notice). See terms & conditions.

  • Transfer back to your hotel in Reykjavík.


  • Good shoes – We recommend wearing hiking boots on the tour since the trail is rocky and can get wet and muddy on a rainy day.

  • Outdoor clothing. The weather in the mountains can be very different from the conditions in the city. It’s important for guests to realize that the weather is very unpredictable, and you should definitely bring warm, rainproof clothes with you, even if the weather in Reykjavík is nice and the forecast looks good. Not least because it’s always the same temperature inside the crater – about 3°C (37°F). That’s cold!

  • A camera. You will want to remember this trip. Yes, you can take as many pictures as you want!

  • A good spirit. This tour is all about having fun.

We encourage you to read more about Þríhnúkagígur volcano. The video below should also give you a good idea of what it’s all about:


When you arrive at our meeting point, which is a ski cabin, you will check in with our guide. The guide will meet and greet you at the cabin, before leading the way across the lava field.

When you get to the Base Camp, your group will be informed about all safety procedures. For example, how to behave in the crater. The guides will help you to put on a helmet and a harness. The group is split into smaller parties of 6–7 people. The trips up and down take about 6 minutes each way and the first ones to go down will be the first ones to go up.

You will spend about half an hour on the ground of the volcano, during which time you can take as many photos as you want. However, you are not allowed to take rocks and stones from the crater. Expert guides will be with you at all times, in the cable lift and on the ground in the magma chamber.

When you are back on the surface, while waiting for everyone in the group to complete the volcano visit, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a traditional Icelandic meat soup or vegetable soup and hot coffee/tea/chocolate.

Finally, you will walk back over the lava field. Again, you will be accompanied by a guide at all times. The bus will be waiting for you in the parking lot, ready to drive you back to Reykjavík.

We ask all visitors to behave responsibly during the tour. The environment is extremely sensitive, and we expect visitors to leave no footprint. What you carry in, you carry out.


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